Asset Maintenance Schedules

Asset Maintenance Schedules Whether you own a fleet for logistics, delivery, transportation, agricultural machinery or a personal use vehicle, the state of your assets are an exponential part of your daily operations. Keeping your organization running and profitable means having control over your fleet and planning ahead for maintenance before any down time. You can’t […]

Remote Fuel Monitoring

Remote Fuel Monitoring A real-time remote fuel-level monitoring solution is an option for companies who wants to optimize fuel usage, save money, and understand driver behaviour and fuel consumption, at the same time have a need to know exactly when and where fuel losses are occurring. In addition to notification of a sudden change in […]

Manage Fleet and Drivers Remotely

Manage Fleet and Drivers Remotely Wherever short and long-haul carriers go, ATRAMS’s tracking devices and off-the-shelf applications are specifically designed to enable cost-effective, near real-time truck tracking and driver monitoring. ATRAMS vehicle tracking technology helps ensure vehicle security and keep fleet managers informed of the operational status and location of carriers, as well as valuable […]

Trailer and Container Monitoring

Trailer & Container Monitoring Request demo From tracking inter-modal containers and trailers to ensuring cargo security, solutions based on ATRAMS IoT solutions. ATRAMS trailer and container monitoring solutions brings you closer to your assets, providing you the necessary data and information to drive your operations and generate the needed revenue that you are looking for.  […]