Enabling Asset Security

ATRAMS – Leading IoT Connectivity in Africa

Creating IoT solutions that solve real life problems in real time.

ATRAMS is connecting Africa with smart assets

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The leading IoT Connectivity Provider in Africa

6.9 Million+


kilometres driven monthly

3.5 Billion+


data points processed daily

18 Years+


in IoT solution development

Connecting Africa with smart assets


Real time asset monitoring including fuel, driver safety and behaviour analytics (speeding, idling, harsh braking & acceleration), remote staff security etc.

providing continuous real time intelligent monitoring

ATRAMS is a single source provider of Internet Of Things (IoT) connectivity. Creating solution that solve real life problems in real time. With a dedicated team of experts and years of experience in the IoT industry,  we take over your design and integration while you focus on raising revenue for your business. Our solutions support a myriad of industries including mining, transportation & haulage, oil & gas, cold chain, maritime and government Agencies, rideshare providers etc.

Trailer & Container Monitoring

Real Time Container Monitoring for Enhanced Logistics & Cargo Security

Real time location, speeding, driving fatigue, geofence, idling and fuel wastage, driver safety, traffic and re-routing, on-time delivery and many more

Your Assets are safe with ATRAMS

Cold Chain & Reefer Monitoring

Reefer and Cabin Temperature Monitoring using state of the art temperature sensors

Increase Food Safety and Preservation

Real time cabin temperature monitoring for the cold food chain industry. Get notified in real time when temp exceeds the required threshold. Whether on land, rail or sea, ATRAMS is a leader in the refrigerated transportation market, providing two way end-to-end IoT solution for monitoring and tracking temperature in cabin and reefer containers/vehicles used in the cold chain supply industry. Our customers choose us because we’ve been doing this for seventeen (17) years plus and have mastered the art of ensuring you get the benefits that you so much needed for your business.

Take Control of Your Fuel Usage

Fuel Monitoring to the Litre

A real-time remote fuel-level monitoring solution is an option for companies who wants to optimize fuel usage, save money, understand driver behaviour and fuel consumption, at the same time have a need to know exactly when and where fuel losses are occurring.

Alerts & Notification

a preventative measure

With several IoT integration, from wireless sensors to control devices, ATRAMS systems will notify you in real time when incidents occur. Whether a crash incident, an SOS request, fuel siphoning, unnecessary idling, reckless driving behaviour (speeding, harsh braking events), stolen vehicle or asset maintenance etc., our  IoT solutions will deliver the needed cost savings and generate revenue.

ATRAMS Analytics

Safety and Performance Analysis

enabling asset analytics


leading IoT connectivity provider in Africa. Trailer & Container Monitoring

Creating SMART Assets through the provision of IoT connectivity on the African continent. Enabling asset security and promoting business continuity in real time.


leading IoT connectivity provider in Africa. Trailer & Container Monitoring

Reaching and impacting the African continent as a premier IoT technology provider with essential IoT services, trusted by our customers and valued by our shareholders.

Core Values

leading IoT connectivity provider in Africa. Trailer & Container Monitoring

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Leading IoT Connectivity Provider in Africa

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